How Signify Will Significantly Reduce its Carbon Footprint with the First-Ever Publicly-Announced Corporate VPPA in Poland

2020-01-21 14:32 출처: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services provided advice to Signify, the world leader in lighting

SEOUL, South Korea--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 01월 21일 -- Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services provided advice to Signify, the world leader in lighting, who will source 42 megawatts of clean power from the Kisielice onshore wind farm.

Polish facilities of Signify, the world leader in lighting, are responsible for more than 25% of the company’s global electricity footprint given that 80% of the electricity generation in Poland comes from coal. That’s the reason why Signify recently signed the first publicly-announced corporate virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) in Poland, marking a major milestone in its commitment to achieve carbon neutral by 2020.

Renewable energy VPPAs are increasingly popular in Europe where companies are using them to secure a fixed price for power with guaranteed environmental benefits. These voluntary agreements can also play a critical role in accelerating the growth of renewables in markets where there’s little subsidy provided. In Poland, renewable PPAs will aid the country in reaching its 2030 country goal of 21% renewable energy generation.

Signify will purchase renewable energy for its operations in Poland from the Green Investment Group’s (GIG’s) Kisielice onshore wind farm. “This VPPA is a major milestone on our journey to achieve carbon neutral in 2020,” said Nicola Kimm, Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety at Signify. “It's crucial for our transition to 100% renewable electricity next year, as well as supporting Poland’s energy transition.” The 42-megawatt (MW) project will help Signify reduce its annual carbon footprint by 73 kt CO2e pa - equivalent to removing over 23,000 cars from the road.

Schneider Electric Energy & Sustainability Services (ESS) advised Signify on the process of identifying, selecting and contracting for the project. “Signify showed excellent leadership with this VPPA. It is the first publicly announced VPPA in Poland supporting renewables in a market dominated by fossil fuels,” said Philippe Diez, Vice President EMEA, Schneider Electric ESS. “We will support Signify for their steadfast commitment to carbon reduction and a renewable energy future.”

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